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Being a huge comic book geek that I am, I thought that I'd put together a list on who what I think would be the most powerful known characters in comic book history of all time. Remember this is just my opinion and we all have others, and have you have a disagreement, please fill free to answe, remember this is not a popularity contest so I won't say Batman or some shit, but I honestly I'm just going to give it a try on who I think are the most powerful comic characters of all time in the CANON sense okay?

35. Doctor Doom (Marvel)
34. Doctor Strange (Marvel)
33. Juggernaut (Marvel)
32. Hulk (Marvel)
31. Mephisto (Marvel)
30. Mangog (Marvel)
29. Onslaught (Marvel)
28. Thor and his Ancestiors (Marvel)
27. Apocalypse (Marvel)
26. Superboy Prime (DC)
25. All of the Devil's Imposters (Marvel, DC, and Spawn)
24. Satan The Devil Himself (Marvel, DC, and Spawn)
23. Imperiex (Marvel)
22. Sentry (Marvel)
21. Dormammu (Marvel)
20. Darkseid (DC)
19. Tyrant (Marvel)
18. Celestials (Marvel)
17. Phoenix Force aka Dark Phoenix (Marvel)
16. Shuma-Gorath (Marvel)
15. The New Gods
14. All Abstract Entities (Marvel)
13. Hell Fueled Ghost Rider (Marvel)
12. Galactus (Marvel)
11. Spectre (DC)
10. God and Devil Spawn (Spawn)
9. Eternity (Marvel)
8. Living Tribunal
7. Protege (Marvel)
6. Beyonder (Marvel)
5. Multi-Eternity (Marvel)
4. Anti-Monitor (DC)
3. Man of Miracles or Mother of all Things (Spawn)
2. The One Above All (Marvel)
1. Mr. Myxzptlk aka The Presence (From DC)
0. Chaos/The Darkness/THE (Mentioned and hinted from all comic books)

So yeah that's my opinion on the most powerful in Western Comics, of course might do a manga or anime one:) I know that last one is sort of cheating but who cares it's true:D
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BaneoftheAbyss Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
Is it strange that I know most of these guys. Hehe well I always preferred The One Above All over the Presense but Mr. Mxyzptlk is still cool though:)
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