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Wow... Just... Wow Nintendo O_O 
I honestly didn't expect anything better from you guys. I went into your show expecting even LESS then the bare minimum of what you could deliver, given that you've been little else but a Major disappointment in my life for year after year.

And yet what did you? You manage to do something else even more horrifying and pathetic then I could even imagine. I mean here I was already giving up and moving on away from the series I appreciated so much. The Zelda Series was moving in a different direction from what I had hoped which is fine, but I felt like it was better for me to grow out of it, rather then constantly get disappointed with each installment that came out.

So then I hear rumors that you're finally moving onto making another Metroid game and I'm like "Cool" that sounds awesome. Metroid is a fun video game series, I love it. Even the worst ones I felt like had hearts of Gold in them. And hey, the concepts are always simple to apply, but a cool blast to play through. A lone and powerful bounty hunter ready to fight through any space pirate or creature through the dark remnants of abandoned spaceships and lost relics. Just a really timeless and badass series altogether.

Then you make... THIS: 

Just... I-I-I... I don't even know what to say anymore. I'd say that I shouldn't be that surprised or shocked anymore given how bad and underwhelming Nintendo's recent track record has been but this has taken things to a whole other level. Where once I could have just thought of Nintendo as being Corporate, Greedy, and Lazy; this makes it seems like they almost want to fail. It actually scares me quite a bit. Is Nintendo really this insane? It's almost like they're allergic to money and success. And here I thought SquareEnix was messing around. This is just Mad.

Oh well, I guess at least Splattoon is fun I guess.


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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Student Artist
Just random question.  and you don't really have to give me a in depth answer to this.  but do you think I should build the relationship Between Terrantos and His Mistresses?  just to give more depth to them and why they are so loyal to him to begin with?

Same with some of his other cultists too.
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Student General Artist
Sorry for the late response. Shit happened but I think more in depth development for them could of course still stand given that you have time to develop them over time and make them more interesting then just henchmen.
Some lower class mistresses would love him, or of course, more likely worship him and his Coming given that most of them are of the lower class... and seeing that this is the chance that their God will be restored to an even more glorious and an original state is all but something that they will truly be excited for.
So a mix of fear, devotion, love, honesty, but even nervousness would surround the majority of them I'd imagine.
Be that as it may, the higher ups who are closer to him probably have even more of a close relationship to him, some even considering themselves to be equal to him in views and sharing the same dream, supporting him and his goals. Others could probably relate, or if you really wanted them to be close, view themselves literally as extension of Terrantos's Will and Pride themselves. Even to the point that they could just as well be connected to their Lords thoughts and will more so then most other beings.

I mean, considering that the Maidens I believe are generally the closest thing Terrantos cares about, cherishes, keeps close, and perhaps even could love aside from his Chosen, it would only figure that they would idolize him generally. But again, it depends on the character itself.
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
its fine.  i understand.

Yeah i want to develop them so they don't seem just like typical henchmen. i want them to have more depth to them,  not just be there as his loyal followers.

Yeah i believe that would fit the best.  Lower class ones would love, worship him and some may even fear and be nervous but none the less wiuld have a bond with him.  though not as strong as the higher up mistresses who would see themselves as equals with him, a extension of him.

Hmm having them connected to his thoughts and will sounds like start for the higher ones.

Yeah Terrantos probably only loves, cherishes, and cares about his Chosen and Mistresses.  though still will depend on the character tho
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Exactly. The ignorant would idolize him and the knowledgeable ones would respect fear him... those who are literally connected would be an extension of his wrath.
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