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Just throwing one out in case anyone wants to join in. Name your Monster/Killer/Entity from any Creepypasta Series and perhaps why.
While it is of course difficult for me to choose between BEN and SCP-682, my money is still fondly on Mr. Welldone.

-He seems Omniscient 
-Multiple Personalities
-Almost Schizophrenic at some points
-A Know-It-All!
-Enigmatic. Even by Monster Standards. 

What about you guys?


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Sean Collins aka The Cooper
United States
I am the Midnight Killer
I am the Burden Damned
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I am the Bogeyman

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olivegbg 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Many thanks for adding Leliana to your favorites! :D
hairywookiee 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave!
canitiem 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav ^^
Ladyfailache 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fav =)
Many thanks for le :+fav: :blowkiss:
How you doin? :)
Thanks for the Scarecrow favourite ;)
Thanks for faving!
ortops 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Thank you for the fav!
thanks for the fav
Neko Emoji-16 (Blush) [V1] Thanks so much for the fave on

The Death Cult's Triangle by leothefox  
LordTerrantos 3 days ago  Student Artist
Sorry to ask but I need some ideas for demons to work for Lazmadon. 

If I need to add more races to his ranks I can come up with that on my own.  just need some ideas nothing more.
LordTerrantos 4 days ago  Student Artist

OKay sorry to ask but since i suck with names and all i thought i should ask you.

I need name ideas for Kali, Odin, Loki, Thor, Ra, Isis, Anubis, Nieth, and Thanatos.  for my story you know.  since i plan on using several or even all the mythology deities from smite in my story at some point  not them but my Own OCS of course
who are based off the deities.

Okay. May I ask if you have plans for some of them?

Like I still prefer the idea of Kali being a Good Goddess of course, just being the Spiritual Incarnate of Vengeance and Destruction against Evil.
Perhaps Tangi, Alamana, Hella, Malon, Vallory, Berness, Miraka (My favorite)

Neith I think can be linked perfectly to a Great Heavenly Goddess you made like Shakala right? Since she's The or at least One of the Firstborn of Chaos and technically speaking the Primordial Goddess of Fate so you can find a way to fit her in that.
Let's see here... Well here's the thing, this name is PRETTY obscure so I don't think I would mind too much if you got away with if it.
But, if I had to choose a name perhaps (Fate or Luck God Names, Sheesh) Berniss, Moraine, Faton, Madiel, Chao, Sudi (Lucky), Nick'i. Sorry for the loss of names this actually has meO_O

Now Thor I'd definitely change because there's way too many already^^
Perhaps Madog, Mor, Suette, Mandhol (Works Best I think) Luke, Horton, Brontos, Lore. 

I'm working on it sorry.
LordTerrantos 4 days ago  Student Artist

I do have some plans for some of them but of course some of them are works in progresss.  Like Loki OC whould often
play tricks on the heroes and sometimes being a thron in thier side but other times he will give them advice about thier
next objective against well either Lazmadon or Terrantos (it really will depend when I introduce him).

Kali i am not really sure if she will be good or evil.  or even neutral.  I guess it all depends on what I am thinking when actually
make her.  Still plan on her having four arms and the blue skin of course. and being the goddess of destruction.  Hmm I like
the names Miraka and Vallory so i think i will go with one of those.

Actually i been thinking maybe my Neith OC could replace Shakala as one of the protectors of Argonia and one of the
few Gods who did not became corrupted or evil because of the pagan genocide caused by Io and his angels.

Hmm Moraine will work. :)

Oh yeah Thor definately needs a different name so I think will go with Mandhol or Suette.

Thats fine just tell me when you think of any names for any mythology deities i ask for.  i want to change as much names of
mythology deities as possible.

The Loki one sounds really cool. Like I said it's your own myth so of course you don't have to be restricted to the ties that bind you like in Norse Mythology. You can be creative. For example, this version of the Trickster like Loki may or may not be linked to Giants or Wolves, or he could be something completely different, something else to make him a completely different Trickster God from centering around Buzzards, Wolves, Lizards, Dogs, or Foxes, etc.

Why not connect Kali and Neith in a way since they are kind of loosely influenced to one another.
Kali for example is one of the Three Alternate Personalities of the Great Creator Goddess of all just like her counterpart in Indian Mythology compared to her. Such as The Creator in Indian Mythology living through 3 Alternate(Cosmic) Personalities: Brahma The Maker, Vishnu The Maintainer, and Shiva The Destroyer.
In Egyptian Mythology, many versions have Neith be the Creator Goddess of the Mythology and maker of Ra which in turned made the World and the Universe as she weaved Fate.

Perhaps this new Goddess based on Kali is either A. An Alternate Personality of Hers. and or B. An Incarnate of her Rage or Misery Against Evil etc. Since she's a benevolent Goddess who usually wishes for the best. But when she can no longer tolerate Evil, she switches personalities and becomes the Destroyer, just a concept but could still work.

He Yeah, maybe this can be your BIG Redesign for Shakala since we never got to know too much about her, just that she was a Great Goddess that may or may not have been Cosmic, so this could easily bring her up a peg or too as a good remake of the Character. 
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LordTerrantos 5 days ago  Student Artist
Okay good news pal.  I finally successfully downloaded SMITE.

Now I just need to get use to controls and all that good stuff.
Well that's great to know.

I hope you have fun with it, don't worry, it's not too hard, and the fans and others players (USUALLY) are not as angry or competitive as in LOL. Usually.
LordTerrantos 4 days ago  Student Artist
I only have played with 2 others so far mind  you none of us talked lol.  

But  I have been mainly practicing with Nieth and Thanatos (sadly he is only free rountine).  and I have gotten the gist of the gameplay so far.  its a lot more action pack compared to LOL.   But dam is Thanatos hard to master and use.

too bad there is no way to get any gems or anything that way I could just get Thanatos that way haha
Yeah, he's much harder to use then Neith, hence why most people don't like playing as him. He can be really good once you've mastered him, but for starters he's difficult^^
When I play, I rarely converse, and when I do, it's usually because one guy (Or Girl) Just wanted to say something like "Praise The Sun" or "I miss Kali's Old Design" Shit like that.

Neith, Kali, or Ymir I usually think is the best for starters.

Yeah, what I personally like more then LOL is that it has more of a 3rd person view then an overhead view. I know that seem strange but it makes fighting for me fun, thrilling, but also difficult too. Because you can actually see the character you're playing as better, but at the cost, you can't see all that's around you. 
(1 Reply)
yakota18 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the fave on Fine Turmoil :)
LordTerrantos Apr 16, 2014  Student Artist
Damiean Caine  that was drawn by Tung…
Cool. So far this is my favorite design of your OC, much different from the original concept but one that I like much more and would prefer. He looks more like a Warlock now from Warcraft, a character I would play as^^
LordTerrantos 6 days ago  Student Artist
Yes by far this is definately my favorite design of Damiean.  He definately has come a long way from looking like a human
like warrior into a badass Grim Reaper warlock.   who uses multiple swords, an axe, or many scythes. lol

Now if only i could get Dhalia a badass design now.  haha
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the main inspiration because it does look like a Blizzard's……
Not that I'm complaining^^
(1 Reply)
LordTerrantos Apr 15, 2014  Student Artist
the chances of me of actually playing SMITE are decreasing really fast.   because I tried to download it last night but once it got to install files it stop at 15.0%.  had to redo the download again  then it stop at install files yet again but at 71.0%  and now I had to restart it once again.

I really thinking they need to fix any downloading bugs there is.  because I am unlikely to be able to play it at this rate.
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