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So I was stumbling around like a Monk across the fields of the internet, and once again was greeted with more fans ranting about OC's and Mary Sue's. It seems that Sonic may not possess the worst fan base. Currently as the Creepypasta Website seems to be the new face in young teens creating there own boring a derivative characters and putting them in short stories to give them an excuse to write a bio, because you know, that's what everyone wants to write, a bio.

My main question is this? Why is it called a Creepypasta OC?

I mean, writing an Original Character within an already established series makes sense (Kind Of) because your adding your own characters into an already existing canon for better or worse.
As far as I know, Creepypastas don't really have a direct canon do they? IDEALLY... They're supposed to be used as these Modern Horror stories that you find on 4chan and talk about throughout the internet. Best example would be stories like "Annie96 is Typing" or "I Told You To Smile". That's at least the basic concept of what I thought made a Creepypasta story separate from just your average everyday horror story.
Now, apparently, it's a site where you get to mail in your boring OC characters that are basically ripping off what's popular and sharing it with your friends. Pretty much the equivalent of a Horror-Theme 4chan site... So basically 4chan.

Okay fine, as dumb as it is to see another girl write down a generic character so that she can write fictional sex with her waifu, I'll let her do that that as long as she isn't writing letters to that damn Boston Bomber.
But I have to ask... How did this transition happen? How did Creepypasta... Ideally a horror site go from being a new age of campfire stories to Gaia Online for Columbine Kids? I mean there's always been a lot of crap in Creepypasta-FAR OUT! But that was always a different kind of crap, Squidward Suicide is just a bad story. This is... A hilariously sad fanbase.

Your thoughts? I wonder how LOLSKELETONS feels about this, the poor man.

I-I mean just look at this...
And then gradually...


How does this happen? Did I miss something? I mean with Sonic it made sense... Dumb Sense but I just don't see how this could-... Ugh!


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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Student Artist
This is a minor question really.  but for each pantheon i make.  should i make the creation of the gods birth unique or different compared to the pantheon thier based upon.

such as rozaroakon being based off of roman mythology.

IK very dumb question
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
Yes, if you want because it would some of your Gods more memorable and remember your not supposed to rip these Gods so much as just take inspiration from them.
Some of the most interesting Gods came from strange origins like Aphrodite rising out of the cut off ball sack of Uranus.
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Student Artist
Yes each god was born differently.  not all the gods were born the same way. Norious for example was created from the very void iteself.

Yeah i don't want to rip off the gods from myths just take inspiration from them.  its just coming up with what thier the god of and how they were born is the tricky part.
CTalmage Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Digital Artist
Thanks for the favorites!
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Artist
Say lets say i make Esther (Nyx OC)  the mother of Terrantos, how would you suggest i make her and Norious the creators of the grim reapers and other dark races such as the shades
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hm, yes I remember us talking about that. I'm wondering if what I said was the best idea? Personally, I think it would be pretty cool, none-the-less awesome and sensible considering Terrantos pretty much inherently powerful yet still giving him enough ambition to be above expectations. If she's not The Night Mother/Goddesss then she can be a powerful Priestess or Aspect, but either way I think it works well and you're solving two characters by making a basically better character.

Now as for the races, I believed we discussed this but I can be debated again.
Most of these Dark Races I would believe actually took form when the Light was born.
Because when all is Dark, there's Nothingness, no true form, no ideals, no personality, no identity, nothing, the absence of things to be.

Of course, we don't know that. We could say that these Dark Races indeed took form in the Darkness but us being Products of Light, it's very difficult to find that out.
But let's say that most of them took form when the light was born, I.E. When Azalaria created it to be something to either conflict with the Darkness or simply "To Make Things More Interesting." Ultimately they main gist of the Lord of all Things and Chaos Itself.
And thus The Light God/Goddess took form and Light ad Creation was established.

Anyways, the idea is that most of these Dark races took there form gradually depending on how they evolved and perhaps which God they found to being the most convenient in giving them power. With Rubia it was Terrantos who she found that she would Herald to help grand her wishes.

I like to think that perhaps Norious perhaps, while is a Creator in many respects, like Erebus or The Observes, he's much more Aloof and Indifferent then anything.
Being indifferent towards the light but not so much that it extends too much hatred to it. Now Norious could if you wanted it to.
Most of these Dark Races just evolved by themselves from Norious because they wanted to fit into Creation... But Norious could've created the Reapers per say... For the soul purpose of destroying the light and harvesting Life.
By doing so, you bring people closer to the Dark.

Now this can be debated of course, but you see what I mean. Io could've easily have manipulated several Reapers and other Powerful Creatures into serving him and some would have easily been tricked into taking this Dominion of Power to serve him.

The Shades are easy. I think we discussed before that they are basically a Twilight Race.
Rather then directly try to enter into the Light of Creation where they'd burn and perhaps be horribly harmed by Io and his Forces, they chose to stay relatively close to the Light to give themselves some power and life, but not as much to be "Technically" part of the Light.
Hence why they're mainly a Twilight Race who worships the Twilight Goddess.
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
I'll be honest.  Esther would definitely be one of the prime reasons why Terrantos is so powerful yet also expectations are above the average well child would be one way to put it.  and at the same time she is the night mother/goddess.  kind of like the night mother of the dark brotherhood in a sense.

Yes thats what i thought.  some dark races were born the moment some light races were born.  the devils could be one of them, or the vampires (but of course they were created by Terrantos) and so forth.

Makes sense. Azalaraia wants things to be interesting while the light is her creation she is not per say too fond of it and its ignorance. espicially how most worship a False "God" who is not even the real Io.

Yes each dark race was form depending on the god they found the most convienant for them.  in the vampires case, Rubia found Terrantos the most convienant.   for the Kanari (aquatic shark humanoids)  they found Enoscaron (a gracion God) the most convienant and so forth.

Yeah that sounds like how i am imaging Norious.  He's indifferent and aloof but also observes the realm of argonia like its nothing but a chess board.  Hmm yes sounds legimate to me Norious was the original creator of the reapers such as Damiean or even Death.  but because of other beings like "Io" who manage to manipulate or convince.  some reapers have forgotten thier original creation.  to reap the lives of the light and bring them closer to the darkness.....thus why Norious knows Terrantos and his reapers are more dark and unholy then Lazmadon is....and he looks very lowly of the fake Io.

Yeah make sense.  Domina is a twilight species but also has the rarest power of them, shape-shift.  so she can easily avoid the sun.  they are neither dark or light. but in between.  similar to how the zoraphion are in limbo, between heaven and hell.
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Yeah. Sorry it took a while to respond, I've been kind of busy, and you know the drill. But yeah, I'm glad you see it in that way.

In many regards, you could say that Chaos gave birth to the Light merely out of Interest because it found the Darkness getting a bit too dull and it needed entertainment in its dream perhaps.

The Darkness, in Greek Mythology is described as being Infinite, Endless, Dark, Vast, and Void of Emotions. Simply put... Space... Grand... but not all that fun or entertaining.

If there were entities that lived in the Dark, it might've been possible but they barely had anything close to something like consciousness or the idea of self to think about.
Not that they needed it though, after all it was just... Dark.

In Dark Souls, they take a similar theme as well as in Biblical Mythology. In the Primordial Beginnings of Dark Souls the Dragons Ruled Everything in the Endless, Vast and Grey Void of Nothingness.
But then Fire came about and thus the Hollows took form around the Light and Flames, and those who were powerful enough used the fire to establish creation and usurp the Dragons from the Universe.

Same with the Bible (Originally) The Leviathans and other Primordial Beast/Old Ones existed as these gigantic, powerful, and I guess Cosmic Beings but nothing really existed outside of that.
No Time Passed, No Emotions Made, No Love Transpired, No Enemies to be had. It was all Dark and Meaningless.

In Other Words... It Was True Peace. The Dark Itself was peace, the Light was chaotic because then Yahweh wanted to take control of all Creation itself and establish meaning to it with Light... The Irony is... in his attempt to create more meaning and establish Light, Justice, Order, Power, etc. He ends up causing a Chain Reaction, endless Chaos Follows.

In other words, Io too would have been under the impression that the Void he comes from is meaningless and filthy... He wants to bring Order and Creation across everything but the sad fact is that this Perfect Order is impossible.

Norious is literally a Cosmic Force, and yeah like you said, he wouldn't treat Io with the amount hateful anger or pissed rage that the Devil would in a lot of Judeo-Christian Myths.
He'd look at Io like a fleeting fire, a young and dying star or flame that shines too bright and is a lot more trouble then he's worth.
In other words, an annoyance to Norious, perhaps more so then most Star Gods, but certainly not Norious's problem, he is Space Itself possibly.

Thus, you could say he either created the Reaper deliberately as he did with other Dark Races to destroy Terrantos's light, or that they could've simply taken form gradually as Time went on, considering how passive Norious is as a Entity himself. Though he probably would if he felt in danger... But then again... How could he feel danger.

Perhaps Dameian views he and Terrantos to being his True Masters perhaps. Terrantos is probably more like his Master considering that he very well takes Orders from the guy without question, but Norious is his Father. And while Norious does not give him Orders, he knows that he will do what needs to be done.

Esher the Twilight Goddess I feel like would be a bit more direct like Nyx is and would probably have a huge hand in Creation of the Reapers no doubt, hell probably even more directly considering how Uncaring Norious is, but the Shades hold her as there True Goddess.
She would be like the Equivalent of a "Cosmic Mother" if you will. Like a "Star Mother".
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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
Okay here's the name of my cults for my chaos gods so far:

Legion of Desires - Terrantos

The Way of the Root - Aevitas

The Seekers of Fate - Mazarias

Order of the Black Dragon - Achito

Plague Bearers - Nefestus
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Like the names you've chosen so far. Though I have to ask, and sorry if you answered this before but is Achito a/Creator of Dragons or a God of them in some way?
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
In a sense yes Achito could be considered the True creator of the dragons,  most humans associated Metatron with dragons though as its one of his symbols.  but in truth Achito is the one who created them and in some way the God of dragons.

This another cult name i came up with:

The Crusaders of Blood - Ark'kaiith  (the war chaos goddess)
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Cool, I like it, a Forerunner of the Dragon Species and likely a Creator that started created far before Io considering that Dragons are often viewed as a far older and more ancient then the Humans or Gods in current generations.

I think I'd view him as mostly a Neutral and caring God to his kind and species that he created in the same way Metatron would... but due to the fact that Io and his Creations... the Angels violently usurped his race and created more of his dreaded species... it would be legitimate for Achito to have a vile hatred for humanity and anyone who worshiped Io in general.
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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
Say this is just a minor question.  

but I need some ideas for cult names for these following chaos Gods:

Achito - Based off of Cthullu

Eneas Mephisto - based off of Nyar as you know

Aevitas - Chaos Goddess of Nature & Corruption

Mazarias - Chaos God of Time, Fate, Knowledge, and all what Yog-Sothoth is

Uraza -  I am thinking he will be the chaos god of Earthquakes, torment, gremlins, and mayhem

Nefestus - Chaos God of Death, Disease, Plague, and Decay - Based off of Nito & Nurgle

Ark'kaiith - Chaos God of War, Bloodlust, Violence, Murder, Barbarism, weapons, and destruction - Based off of Khorne

and finally Azalaria - based off of Azathoth.

P.S. I apologize for this.  i just need some ideas for cult names since i basically only have Terrantos's cult figured out.
Good names so far, you got the some concepts down.

Name what they are and what there description and possible dominion is, not what they are based out of though if I were you.
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
By name what they are, there descriptions, and dominion i assume you mean the chaos gods themselves and not their cults?
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Just some description of who they are, what is known of them, or possibly what they are capable of so far. I know your probably in an early development stage but like let's say if you had to give one sentence to describe them and how they acted or what they were, what would they be.
It's okay to be loose, many writers could just say stuff like "Weird Squid Tree Thing" and it makes about as much sense.
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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
The Possible True form of my Chaos God of Death, Plague, Disease, and (something else i can't remember right now), Nefestus.…
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
I like him, looks real ferocious and violent, different from what was planned but no matter, a Chaos God knowo limits and can practically be anything it wants.
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