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To anyone who has posted a comment as of late, I'm sorry it'll take me awhile before I can possibly comment back. I'll be vacationing to New York City for about a week or two so sorry about the delay. I'll try to comment back if I can but I'll just taking a break for awhile. 


Cooper... Maybe?
United States
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millgiass Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks for the fave bro.
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Thank you for the fave on--> Batman Arkham Knight Riddler by irishimo
I have more Riddler pictures, if you're interested? :iconyayriddlerplz:
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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
Say how long do you think i should wait to reveal Domina's real name since she is going by "Nyx" at the moment
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Well I'm wondering so far what benefit does she get from covering her name up to "Nyx"? Does anyone even know who Domina is? Is that her real name in this? Is that name written in a Legend somewhere and that's why she changed it?
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
Well yes Domina is indeed her real name and it personally sounds better then Nyx. 

As for is it well known.  No.  only Demons,  and other non-human beings would even know her name and even then its rare.  As she pretty much erased her name from history to avoid suspicion for when she would have to revive her master
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Oh okay so it's the classic Forbidden conspiracy move/Trope.

Yes. I did this during the Samael investigations where people were trying to find out who Samael really was centuries after he and his entire Kingdom vanished from Hell.

Well if you continue to keep things the way they are then "Yes" most of the henchmen will of course not know who she really is nor will the main protagonists.
In fact only the Higher Gods and her companions would likely include, not including her servants and puppets of course.

If you want to do something cool, since her name has supposedly become lost in time, you can have segment later where the main heroes slowly stumble into a Secret Cult or lost Kingdom or Temple that was once dedicated to her as an idol of worshiped but has now long since been abandon... or so they think. Maybe it still has people still loyal to her and Terrantos, waiting patiently but filled with Madness now. This could be an extension of Terrantos's Massive Army he has ready to strike down Io and the Heavens.
But anyways, it stands to reason that maybe the Heroes, or better yet, a lone explorer discovers ancient tomes and finds her name written in a sacred scroll or something. And whether he lives or dies, he shares this info to other before he goes, thus exposing her real name and her true Identity as one of the Black Emperor's Chosen.

But again, it's just an idea.
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Shinkan-Seto Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ciel Phantomhive (Serious Look) [V1] Thank you so much for faving this:

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Sebastian Michaelis (Hawt Response) [V2] Much appreciated!! ^o^

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incubuslord Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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KnightFlyte96 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Artist
Hey i am not 100% about this but its possible Shiek, Ruto, and Darunia will be in Hyrule warriors as playable characters.

I found this info here:…
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Well at least they've balanced the roster. I'd like to see Daruina playable. 
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Artist
Its balanced now?

I think we will see more playable as time goes on tho.
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
I mean at least a little more in terms of races and all. 

I would assume. 
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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Artist
These are all my Gods i have come up with so far.  tell me what you think or if they need some more variety.

Gracion Gods:
Mellichios - God of the Sky, Storms, Injustice, Domination, and Conquest - Based off of Zeus

Thryakis - God of Evil, Chaos, War, and the Underworld - Based off of Hades

Enoscaron -  God of the Sea, Plague, Strategies, Disease, and Kanari - Based off of Poseidon
Adiketh - Goddess of Marriage, Fertility, and Farming - Based off of Hera

Arandrath - God of Disaster, Strife, Bloodlust, and Murder - Based off of Ares & Eris

Kreror - God of the Sun, Destruction, and Fire - Based off of Apollo

Krirra - Godddess of the Moon, Shadows, and Assassins - Based off of Artemis

Alalana - Goddess of Love, Sex, Lust, Violence, Sin, and Power - Based off of Aphrodite

Ergane - God of Wisdom, Knowledge, Time, Fate, War, Logic (Dark & Light), and Portals - Based off of Athena

Hecan - God of Messages, Thieves, Peace, Creation, Meditation, and Merchants - Based off of Hermes

Bellona - Goddess of

Erendryn - Primordial God of Death, Doom, Deceit, and Sleep - Based off of Thanatos

Norious - Primordial God of Darkness, Fear, Nights, and the Black Abyss - Based off of Erebus

Esther -  Primordial Goddess of the Nightmares, Imagination, Thought, and Dreams - Based off of Nyx

Hindragon Gods:
Moraine - Primordial Goddess of Weaving, Argonia, Fate, & Life - Based off of Nieth

Xeral -  God of the Sun, Deception, Wind, & Destruction - Based off of Ra

Reanos - God of the Underworld & Vengence - Based off of Osiris

Rena - Goddess of Magic, Spiders, Scorpions, & Lust - Based off of Isis

Aeyln - God of the Dead, Mummification, Poison, & War - Based off of Anubis

Caela - Goddess of Cats, Nekomata, Disorder, and Deserts - Based off of Bast

Anoakrelon - God of Evil, Knowledge, Crocodiles, Storms, and Alligators - Based off of Seth & Sobek

Trazanicax - God of Snakes, Chaos, War, Earth, Darkness, & Plague - Based on Apophis

Narsian Gods:
Chaizli - God of Judgement, Wrath, Dark Magic, Death, War, Blizzards, Domination, Conquest, and Earthquakes - Based off of Odin

Mandhol - God of Thunder, Lightning,Wisdom, Balance, and Justice - Based off of Thor

Koryeth - God of Mischief, Truth,  Knowledge, Light & Elemental Magic, and Shamanism - Based off of Loki

Leavi - Goddess of the Underworld, Vodoo, Curses, and Death - Based off of Hel

Innoral - Goddess of Valkyries,  Justice, (Injustice), Disorder, & Conquest - Based off of Freya

Chartaron Gods:
Condrakus - God of Mountains, Monkies, Shape-Shift, Curses, & Domination - Based off of Sun Wukong

Moeri - Goddess of Heavens, Earth, Necromancy, Snakes, Deception, and Hell - Based off of Nu Wa

Niri - Goddess of Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Mischief, Murder, and Death - Based off of Da Ji

Dexan -

Rexaler -

Japara Gods:
Sakarakas - God of the Moon - Based off of Tsukiyomi

Marrao - God of the Storms - Based off of Susano'o

Eraryu - Goddess of the Moon - Based off of Kaguya

Sailyu - Goddess of the Sun - Based off of Amateratsu

Zinlu Gods:
Miraka - Goddess of Justice, Punishment, Judgment, Destruction, & Protection - Based off of Kali

Rozaroakon Gods:
Raekan - God of Portals, Transitions, Time, Space, Reality, and Creation - Based off of Janus

El'av - God of Love, Archery, Nature, Wind, Sky, Beauty, and Peace - Based off of Cupid

Bazargan Gods:
Tenai - Goddess of Darkness, War, Lust, Obedience, Greed, and Ravens - Based off of Ishtar

Argonia Gods:
Io - God of all Creation,  Light & Justice,  Peace,  and Judgement - Based off of Yahweh

Yahlieah - Goddess of Fate, Destiny, Time, and Reality - Wife of Io
TheNightmareCooper Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Again, I like all the thought you put into them and they are indeed starting to sound like your own characters but I do have a little pet peeve in the sense that all these Gods seem to have negative qualities to them which I don't mind at all since it shows of course that even Gods are of course not perfect but I'm wondering how people to worshiping most of them but I guess you have it make sense in story context.
Like maybe they might started off differently or a little more pure of course but years of war, destruction, havoc, and corruption have led the Gods to becoming Warped and Wicked and this is how most of them are now right?
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Artist
most of them started off as Good Gods at 1st but most as you said have fallen into darknesss, corruption, evil and so on.   as war, havoc, destruction, and corruption have waged on.

Which is why MOST if not all of the Gods are now Evil or Dark Gods.  very few are considered to be Good.
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